Sejr til Dorte - den (rygtet) var god nok ! - og Allan blev nr. 3 - Ropek dog 2´er - så stadig stor spænding.

Sejr til Dorte - den (rygtet) var god nok ! - og Allan blev nr. 3 - Ropek dog 2´er - så stadig stor spænding.

Park World Tour Orienteering Report & Results from race 7/8, Hangzhou, China

Australian Bluett and Danish Dahl winners in Hangzhou
Close race for the top positions in Park World Tour

Ten television companies and more than one thousand spectators surrounded Australian Grant Bluett celebrating his first Park World Tour victory of the season at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, on Friday. The fight for the overall win gets even tighter among the men - and the women, while Dorte Dahl of Denmark won and top duo Gunilla Svärd and Johanna Asklöf had a bad day.

The campus area of Chinas biggest university (35.000 students) was crowded by people, watching the first orienteering race ever organized in the Zhejiang province.
- There was a huge crowd all the way out there, said happy winner Grant Bluett, doing an almost perfect run.

* Difficult route choices
- There were some difficult route choices, but I only missed a few seconds,running on the wrong side of a fence towards the second last control.
Czech Rudolf Ropek, now number two after a disappointing race in Tokyo on Monday, did the same mistake and lost by 8 seconds to Bluett. Allan Mogensen of Denmark finished third and is now four points behind leading Ropek ahead of the final race in Shanghai this Sunday.

Also Grant Bluett and Yuri Omeltchenko, Ukraine, have a theoretical chance of winning the 1999 Tour.

Danish Dorte Dahl had a third great race in a row - winning in Oslo, being number two in Tokyo and now scoring a new best time in Hangzhou, 8 seconds ahead of Lucie Böhm, Austria, and ten seconds ahead of Karolina Arewång of

* Dahl in a great shape
- I had one week of holidays and rest with my family before taking off and
I feel like being in a great shape right now, said speedy runner Dahl.
She still has a theoretical chance of winning the Tour, while Gunilla Svärd
of Sweden finished only eight and did not manage to secure an overall win.
Lucie Böhm is sharing the second spot in the overall standings together with Johanna Asklöf, Finland, finishing ninth on Friday. The margin to leading Svärd is 13 points when the orienteers now head for the Park World Tour final in Shanghai Botanical Garden on Sunday, 17.10.

Results in Hangzhou, China 15.10.1999:

Men 2,9 km, 15 controls: 1) Grant Bluett AUS 12.15,5, 2) Rudolf Ropek CZE 12.23,4, 3) Allan Mogensen DEN 12.38,7, 4) Yuri Omeltchenko UKR 12.56,9, 5)Håkan Eriksson SWE 12.58,1, 6) Odin Tellesbø NOR 13.02,0, 7) Jörgen Mårtensson SWE 13.02,1, 8) Juha Peltola FIN 13.06,7, 9) Kjetil Bjørlo
NOR 13.08,9, 10) Bjørnar Valstad NOR 13.12,1, 11) Tom Quayle AUS 13.20,3, 12) Michael Mamlejev RUS 13.20,4, 13) Thomas H.Nielsen DEN 13.43,5, 14)Thormod Berg NOR 14.09,9, 15) Toshiyuki Matsuzawa JPN 14.19,6, 16) Li Deli CHN 14.31,8, 17) Liu Shucheng CHN 15.04,8, 18) Jin Xin CHN 17.52,8.

Women, 2,9 km, 15 controls:
1) Dorte Dahl DEN 14.48,3, 2) Lucie Böhm AUT 14.53,0, 3) Karolina Arewång SWE 14.58,3, 4) Jana Cieslarova CZE 15.04,7, 5) Hanne Staff NOR 15.06,3,6) Katarina Borg SWE 15.11,7, 7) Maria Sandström SWE 15.15,4, 8) Gunilla
Svärd SWE 15.20,0, 9) Johanna Asklöf FIN 15.20,7, 10) Sabrina Meister-Fesseler SUI 15.22,0, 11) Elisabeth Ingvaldsen NOR 15.28,5, 12)Katarina Allberg SWE 15.35,4, 13) Zhang Aixia CHN 19.18,2 14) Zhang Yanxin CHN 26.59.4.

Total Standings after 7 of 8 races:

Men: 1) Rudolf Ropek CZE 105 points, 2) Allan Mogensen DEN 101, 3) Grant Bluett AUS 92, 4) Yuri Omeltchenko UKR 89, 5) Odin Tellesbø NOR 78, 6)Kjetil Björlo NOR 73, 7) Jörgen Mårtensson SWE 68, 8) Björnar Valstad NOR 65, 9) Carsten Jörgensen DEN 48, 10) Håkan Eriksson SWE 43, 11) Juha
Peltola FIN 25, 12) Petter Thoresen NOR 24, 13) Tom Quayle AUS 23, 14)Svajunas Ambrazas LTU 19, 15) Thomas H. Nielsen DEN 18, 16) Jimmy Birklin SWE 17, 17) Bernt Björnsgård NOR and Michael Mamlejev RUS 13, 19) Michal Jedlicka CZE 12, 20) Alain Berger SUI and Mikael Boström FIN 9.

Women: 1) Gunilla Svärd SWE 109 points, 2) Johanna Asklöf FIN and Lucie Böhm AUT 96, 4) Dorte Dahl DEN 91, 5) Hanne Staff NOR 81, 6) Heather Monro GBR 65, 7) Maria Sandström SWE 55, 8) Katarina Borg SWE 49, 9) Elisabeth Ingvaldsen NOR 48, 10) Reeta Kolkkala FIN 45, 11) Sabrina Meister SUI 41, 12) Vroni König-Salmi SUI 37, 13) Katarina Allberg SWE 35, 14) Karolina Arewång SWE 34, 15) Jana Cieslarova CZE 33, 16 Liisa Anttila FIN 26, 17)Brigitte Wolf SUI 23, 18) Birgitte Husebye NOR 20, 19) Eija Koskivaara FIN 16, 20) Yvette Baker GBR 4.

More information & runners contact on site:
Anders Vestergård, Park World Tour - mobile phone +358 50 590 5950

During Friday afternoon the runners can be reached at:
Shanghai Pacific Luck Hotel, 299 Wusong Road, Shanghai 200080.
Tel +86 21 6325 9800, fax +86 21 6325 9772

Pictures from the Park World Tour:
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