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Sejr til Carsten i Bangkok

| Administrator | Nyheder 2000

Carsten Jørgensen vandt dagens Park World Tour-løb i Bangkok i dag.

Carsten Jørgensen vandt dagens Park World Tour-løb i Bangkok i dag.

Carsten vandt foran ukraineren Yuri Omeltchenko, der er godt på vej i mod den samlede sejr i dette års PWT.

Sidst års samlede PWT-vinder Allan Mogensen blev nr.3 i dagens løb.

Sådan læser jeg nedenstående beretning, der er at finde på PWT-arrangørernes hjemmeside under news.

De øvrige danske (Dorte Dahl og comeback-manden Chris Terkelsen) kan jeg ikke se noget om endnu.

Nedenstående er hentet fra PWT-arrangørenes hjemmeside:

"Omeltchenko towards jackpot

Arewång & Jörgensen hot victors in Bangkok

Karolina Arewång scored her first ever victory and Carsten Jörgensen his first win of the season in the hottest race in the Park World Tour history. In a humid 35 degrees Bangkok, Yuri Omeltchenko took a major step towards a total win, while the duel of the top two women got even tougher.

In the heart of a city of 10 million inhabitants, the elite orienteers managed to keep a high speed, making the first world class race in Thailand a successful premiere. On a flat course with 24 controls in the popular Lumphini Park, Allan Mogensen and Grant Bluett proved that their triumphs on last years Asian Final Tour were not coincidental.

Now they threatened overall leader Yuri Omeltchenko, while Carsten Jörgensen found a gear of his own.

- I really liked this. No mistakes at all, smiled a happy Dane, having missed out from the Olympics 10,000 metres because of injuries.

- Not being fit, I was not too disappointed. Right now, I enjoy myself much more, said Jörgensen, having won at least one PWT race every year since 1997.

Omeltchenko out of fuel
This year's park king Omeltchenko was 17 seconds slower than Jörgensen, feeling a bit tired after a long journey into a different climate on a different candidate.
- I ran out of fuel. It's time for a pit stop before heading for China, stated Omeltchenko, whose second place was his third - in addition to three wins in the six PWT races so far.
With only two left to go, the Ukrainian can secure a jackpot already in Shanghai on Saturday, while Norwegian Odin Tellesbö, now number two in the overall standings, is 48 points behind. Tellesbö finished 9th in Bangkok, while fellow countryman Björnar Valstad run past one control and was disqualified.

Top duel continues
Among the women, the race for the total victory got even closer, with Hanne Staff overtaking the lead with a three-point margin to Reeta Kolkkala. Staff finished second in Lumphini Park, Kolkkala fifth.
- I was going too fast and had passed the controls before I knew it, said Kolkkala, who also was defeated by compatriot Kaisa Salminen, Swede Jenny Johansson - and winner Karolina Arewång.
Arewång, with two third places as best results so far, explained her success by the need for more pocket-money:
- I has spent so much on shopping here in Bangkok already, that I really wanted that golden prize cheque of 7,500 Crowns.

PWT most wanted
- My race was almost perfect, being one step ahead in the route planning all the way. However, it was really tough to run in the heat, said Arewång, who only did a small mistake at the 21st control.
A keen Park World Tour supporter, she looks forward to a new Tour next year.
- There is absolutely space for PWT on the programme - one single "sprint" race in the World Championships week is not the best solution, stated Arewång, a popular winner in the first world class competition in Thailand.
Hosted by the Royal Thai Army - also entering five competitors in the mens race - the event was a successful first, with plans for more orienteering activities in the country next year already presented.

Date: 24.10.00

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