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LIVE PWT i morgen og på lørdag

| Administrator | Nyheder 2000

Nok en mail er ankommet med lidt røverhistorier fra dagens kvalifikationsløb. Bl.a. om Mogensen, der endte på toppen af en klippe og måtte løbe (kravle) tilbage....

Nok en mail er ankommet med lidt røverhistorier fra dagens kvalifikationsløb. Bl.a. om Mogensen, der endte på toppen af en klippe og måtte løbe (kravle) tilbage....

Men bemærk, at der sendes LIVE på - jeg håber så blot at DU får en bedre opkobling til pwt-hjemmesiden end jeg får for tiden - SUK !

I morgen fredag kl.18.30 løbes der stafet og A-finalerne starter lørdag kl.10.00.

Men her lidt røverhistorier:

"18 nations in the Champions' Week final
Norwegians on top in the qualification
Staff, Ingvaldsen, Valstad and Tellesbö: The Norwegians run away with four heat victories in the open qualifications for the PWT Champions' Week final. Orienteers from 18 nations made it to the final, with PWT 1999 winner Allan Mogensen of Denmark as the only failing favourite.

- Great fun, said the current PWT leader, Ukrainian Yuri Omeltchenko, scoring the best time among the 90 men in Thursday's qualification.

- Very exciting - and tough, especially the last climb, said the downhill expert Odin Tellesbö.

City quarters and tough climbs

The courses - five for the men and five more for the 70 women - offered tricky orienteering in the city quarters as well as tough climbs in the forest. With start and finish on the main square in Ehrenhausen, next to a 17th century mausoleum, and a huge video screen transmitting live pictures from the course, the race was a colourful and exciting experience for spectators, guests and media representatives.

A team from CCTV, the main channel in China with hundreds of millions of viewers, is one of the TV crews covering the Champions' Week - a gathering of orienteers from more than 40 nations. The five best in each heat qualified for Saturday's finals, with Swedes Maria Sandström and Emma Engstrand and Brigitte Grüniger of Switzerland as the female winners beside the Norwegians.

No time for mistakes

- It was confusing with such a lot of runners in the terrain, but I tried to stick to safe routes and let the others do the mistakes, commented Grüniger, finishing with the second best time behind superb Hanne Staff.

Sandy Smith of Canada and Antonia Wood of New Zealand contributed to the international flavour, grabbing the last spots for the final. Two women and four men from Norway, 4 + 4 from Sweden and 3 + 5 from Finland will compete in the finals and also form the favourite teams in Friday's relay.

The Park World Tour overall winner in 1999, Allan Mogensen of Denmark, was the only World Champion not to qualify, finishing tenth in his heat, one minute away from the top five. Mogensen found himself standing on top of a huge cliff at the 16th control - having to run back and climb down to reach the control flag.

Two men and one woman from Lithuania, as well as two women and one man - heat winner Jamie Stevenson - from Great Britain also made it to the individual A-finals.

- This was a good way to make an orienteering race exciting both for the athletes and for the spectators, said the British team leader Gordon Ross, looking forward to the coming events.

Relay and final live on internet

The mixed relay will give the sport yet another dimension, with the orienteers competing in a garden and flower exhibition area in Graz.

Both the relay, starting at 18.30 CET on Friday, and the individual PWT Champions' Week finals in the city centre of Leibnitz at 10.00 on Saturday, will be broadcast live on the internet at "